1.Valid Texas Fishing License and your bull red tag.

2. Sunscreen if you tend to burn.

3. If you get sea-sick, take some Dramamine or other motion sickness medicine BEFORE leaving the dock.

4. A cooler to keep your fish cold on the ride home.

5. If you would like, you may also bring your own snack and adult beverages.

6. Dress accordingly! You may get wet if the seas are rough or if it is really windy. If your trip is on a cold day, wear warm, waterproof clothing.

7. Wear closed-toed shoes, we would hate for you to get a hook, barb, or sharp tooth through your foot!

8. Everyone on the boat should wear sunglasses, nobody wants a fish to spit a hook right by the boat and send it towards your precious eyeballs. And they help you see through the water better.

Forget some Fishing Supplies or snacks?

Don’t worry! Texas Parks & Wildlife can tell you where to get your Texas Fishing License & Bull Red tag.

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